Anchor Points

Anchor Points

There is no way to work on rope access without working on anchor points. Abseilers Sydney is efficient and specialist in height and roof safety system installation along with their testing and certification. We have been walking explicitly in height safety system installation that helps other workers to serve different parts of the building with ease. All of our equipment is WHS compliant, and so you don’t have much to worry. Our team members are skilled and knowledgeable about the entire process and will not just install the equipment but test and certify them as well. We will customise the anchor points installation according to your requirement.

Anchor points that we have been utilising for effective working:

  • Transition devices
  • Bolt-through abseil
  • Chemset abseil Static Lines
  • FrogLink fall arrest
  • TileLink fall arrest
  • Roof Purlin abseil
  • Ladder brackets

Expensive anchor points can look exquisite and offer personalised help for working efficiently. But you should know that all of the anchor points are not WHS compliant and so it can be damaged at any point during the work. On the other hand, we offer affordable and WHS compliant anchor points for a safer working environment. We are available at 04 17417 400 to answer any of your queries regarding anchor points in Sydney.

Safety Standards

Abseiler Sydney employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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